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I dont know where all these negative reviews come from, probably some souls who are generally very unhappy with the trajectory of their lives, have no friends, and are generally shrinking violets in their lives.

This restaurant is amazing. I eat out a lot. I mean a lot. When I chose to dine in and order for delivery Siam Paragon is a go to choice for me. It may be that I live less that a half mile from the place, however, the food has always been exemplary for delivery meals. Always on time, the order correct, and the food always of the highest quality. I am always wary of ordering sushi and sashimi for delivery, but the quality of these are restaurant grade, always at the correct temperature, and of the highest grade. I have never received any cruda which was past. Never!

The tempura, bento boxes, curry, soups, all excellent. And, when I order too much sushi, it is always a good choice for lunch the following day. Thats saying a great deal, because you cannot do that from the Fresh Bar from Whole Foods.

I would suggest the naysayers get their heads out of their asses and realize, if you decide to order out for delivery, Siam Paragon towers above all of the others hawking their wares online. Yes, GrubHub can be variable, but not in this case. It is the standard by which all others should strive. This from a person who spends hundreds of dollars on eating out almost every night of the week, and when I dont feel like going out of the house, Siam Paragon is the very closest to dine-in restaurant quality I have found.


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Siam Paragon is a great restaurant that has consistently delivered excellent food every time I've ordered from them. Their seafood has always been fresh. The people doing the sushi and maki really go a step above with presentation and amount of care that goes into them. When the food arrives, you can tell it wasn't just "slopped together." I'm currently obsessed with their yellow curry, and all of the sushi and rolls have been great that I've tried.


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I love Siam Paragon. Whether I'm eating in or ordering take out, I've never had a bad meal. The service is great, the take out is usually early. The Sweet Home Alabama roll is why I eat sushi. They're great.


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Duo was super tasty, {fish was fresh & Well Cut {Sushi} } Duo could have used bigger and better Prawns. But was so tasty no points loss. Really enjoyed the dish even though pricy.


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Highly recommended.
Delicious pot stickers, pad thai and the beef entree was exquisite. We were pleasantly surprised by the preparation and quality of the beef

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1 review
The food tastes great every time we order. The panang curry has the right amount of heat and the portions are great for the quality of the food and the price!


1 review
LOVE siam paragon!! especially the green curry with beef. service is also fast!

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